• Reiki is a gentle Japanese hands-on technique used for stress reduction, relaxation, and wellness.
  • A reiki treatment aims to promote the body’s natural ability to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Treatment is fully clothed.

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Intuitive Card Reading

  • A question you want to ask will be addressed and will be found out a key to answer/solution through intuition and spiritual cards.

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Manaka Style Healing

  • Abundance Soul Healing by reconnecting to the Universe, it helps to attract wealth, create abundance, and reduce stress related to soul level.

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IH (Integrated Healing)

  • IH is a holistic healing system that uses Kinesiology (muscle testing) to access your Inner Wisdom.
  • It leads us to find the root cause of the physical dysfunction / mental issue and lets us balance your energy to restore the natural healing ability to its highest state.

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  • As a cosmically inexhaustible topic, the crux can be identified within that SPIRITUAL LAW to have FREE WILL, the Spiritual Alignment of the Omniverse must be Neutral. This is Not to say that TRUTH, LOVE, and BLISS don’t await the Spiritual Traveler who makes wise choices, but WISDOM requires understanding how imbalances in spiritual energy, a.k.a. KARMA, are conveyed in the cosmic scheme.
  • You will learn tools to apply in your own personal awakening, such as that of CHUTES and LADDERS within the veils of the hierarchical levels of awareness, and one may begin to witness the door between “themselves” and the “outside world” move closer and closer until realization that “ALL” is WITHIN one’s own awareness to CHOOSE, by strength of HEART CENTER in relation with the other Chakric senses.
  • Integration of the Chakras with HEART CENTER is congruent with left/right Hemisphere (Logical Thinking/Intuitive Feeling) integration with the 3rd EYE coming into focus as an impartial observer

Energetic Healing

  • Facilitates change by moving energy.
  • This healing blends cosmic energy and earth energy, removing energy vorticies (pictures) and allowing your own higher self’s energy pattern to freely flow.
  • Chakra and Aura reading/clearing as directed.

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Past Lives Reading

  • Clairvoyantly read the past life(s) that is most influencing your current energy pattern.
  • Awaken the readee to the possible exchange of energetic patterns influencing the present.
  • Clear the karma by revealing as much as can be prescribed, by the readee’s higher self, to enable one’s life purpose to manifest.

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Services we can refer:


  • Aura-Soma® is a self-care system that enhances your well-being through the use of colors.
  • The origins of using color are traced back to the wisdom of the ancient Egyptians and Greeks.
  • Aura-Soma® has discovered how to combine this ancient knowledge with modern technology.
  • Our vibration matrix of color reflects who we are and, like our fingerprints, is unique.
  • Your color preference mirrors your unique nature and Aura-Soma® color bottles offer you valuable insights about who you are.

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Essential Oil

  • Learn about essential oil and your body type based on a basic Chinese five elements assessment.
  • Learn which essential oils help your body and mood.

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Sandplay Therapy

  • Sandplay Therapy is a recognized therapeutic modality for both children and adults, based on the psychology of Carl C. Jung and developed by the Swiss psychotherapist Dora Kalff.
  • It allows patients/clients to deconstruct issues and provides a multisensory experience that can be very powerful and effective in treating illnesses such as depression or anxiety.

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  • According to Ayurveda, everyone is born with three basic principles, known as tri-dosha.
  • These three principles, vata, pitta, and kapha govern all the biological and psychological functions of your body.
  • You will answer simple questionnaire and find out your principles, or dosha, and will receive consultations on how you can lead healthier life style, without depending too much on medicines and doctor visits.
  • You will also receive one tea bag according to your dosha.